Training With A Brain

Freedom. Everybody talks about it. But what is it, really? Can you be free if you can’t do the things that you love? Can you be free if you aren’t healthy enough to enjoy your family and friends? Can you be free if you are restricted by pain and immobility? Can you be free if you feel that you always have to jump on the bandwagon of the latest diet or exercise fad?

No. That’s not freedom.

Freedom is enjoying the body you have. Freedom is enjoying movement as much as you did when you were a kid. Freedom is playing the sports you love, even though you spend 40+ hours a week sitting in a cubicle. Freedom is eating real food that gives you real energy and is deeply satisfying. It’s knowing you can lift your suitcase into the overhead bin without assistance and unload a trunk full of groceries. Freedom is hitting higher and better PRs with more efficiency and less chance of injury. Freedom is knowing HOW your body works, WHY it works the way it does and having the tools to help it work better.